• Creations contain Worlds, that have entities in them and have World Settings. Players play in a single World at a time.
  • Creations start with a default world of 'Main', and more worlds can be added while editing.
  • 'Worlds' could also be called the game's levels, or same as 'Scenes' in Unity.

Creating Worlds

  • To create a new world in the editor, go into the 'Creation Settings' and select the 'Worlds' category.
  • A new world can be created, and it will give the option to clone the current one or start blank
  • Each world can have different World Settings. Like it's Environments
  • Creations have a 'Start World', that sets what world the creation starts in when a player loads it.

Switching Worlds

  • To switch to a world while in play mode, use MBScript or Wiring. You can set the current world directly with 'Set Creation.CurrentWorld'
  • Or 'Do Creation.OpenWorld' can be used. This also adds the option to save the current play mode. When that is used the creation can switch back to that last world, and it will bring back the whatever state the world was in.

Stay Between Worlds Component

  • Use the 'Stay Between Worlds' component on Entities to have them not be removed when the world is changed
  • This will also cause any entities under them to not be removed (including Toys they are holding)