VR Locomotion

  • There are different Locomotion options for Playing / Editing
  • Play mode Locomotion options are for when playing as a Player Avatar and can have physics - allowing the player to collide against walls, fall down, and climb.
  • Edit mode Locomotion is for quickly scaling the player and moving through the world quickly.

Play Mode Locomotion

The default setup is to use left joystick to Move, and right Joystick to rotate. Pushing in the movement Joystick jumps.

  • Stick - Move with joystick in any direction. Direction can be set by controller/headset depending on setting.
  • Teleport - Teleport by pushing the joystick up and letting go.
  • Teleport No Physics - Same as Teleport, but the players head will not collide against walls or fall down / move up.
  • Pull Walk - Use the Grab button and move controller back to pull in the move direction.

Edit Mode Locomotion

  • Grab and Scale - Move by holding Grip button and moving controller - rotate by holding both Grip buttons - and zoom by holding both Grip buttons and move them closer together.
  • Teleport
  • Stick
  • Directional - Use the Grip button to fly in a direction