VR / AR Controls

The main VR / AR input options:

  • Trigger button to Interact with the UI and to Use the current Tool / Toy
  • Grab button to grab entities in the world. For some VR devices this is the same button as Trigger.
  • Menu button to open the Main Menu UI at any time
  • A Radial Menu is used to select the player's Tool and other interaction options depending on Player Avatar / Toy / Creation. For some VR devices 'A' will need to be pressed to open the radial menu while playing - then Joystick/Touchpad to select.
  • Depending on the VR Locomotion set, movement is done by either the Joystick/Touchpad, or with 'Grab' buttons for pulling/arm swinging.

Join On Desktop

  • While in VR you can use the 'Join on Desktop' button in the top left of the screen (or in the Menu after hitting Esc on the keyboard). This will add a new local player using the Keyboard+Mouse.
  • Joining on Desktop can be a good way to use the Desktop Editor for doing actions that are easier on Desktop than with VR controllers (such as scripting with MBScript )
  • By default when screen players join the VR player's view is not shown on the screen. To show the VR view use 'Always Show VR View on Screen' option in Settings