Voxel Editing

  • Use the Voxel Sculpter Tool or Desktop Window to sculpt voxel terrain
  • Voxel terrain can have different resolutions and environment sizes. Use the 'Generate New' to change the environment size / voxel resolution.
  • Switch between different voxel editing modes: Sculpt (sculpt with a cursor on the mouse / controller and set it's distance), Surface (sculpt on the first surface pointed at by mouse / controller), Block (Create a block of different shapes), and Color
  • Voxel Operations: Add and Paint, Add (add voxels and don't set material/color), Subtract (remove voxels), and Paint Only (to only set Material / Color)
  • Set the main Material Asset, and add additional materials to paint with.

Smooth Mode or Cube Mode

Voxel volumes can either be in Smooth mode (using Marching Cubes algorithm to make a smooth mesh), or Cube mode for a Minecraft style voxels.


'Cube' mode on left, and 'Smooth' mode on right


By default Voxels are destroyable by player damaging - including from Melee weapons / projectiles / explosions. This can be turned off in the Voxel settings.