Modbox is a multiplayer game-building sandbox for PC / VR / AR. Currently in private alpha.


'VRTest' mode allows basic playing of the game without having to use a VR headset. Good for quick testing while developing. Switch between vr and non vr mode in the Engine object, it's 'Start View Mode'.

For Camera: WASD controls, Right click to look around, and left shift to speed up

Hit number keys to select current controller - 1 for left controller, 2 for right (current controller will have a sphere graphic on it)

For current controller:

  • Spacebar for trigger

  • Z to press the touchpad (gamemode menu)

  • X to hit the red button (main menu)

  • Rotate forward/back with up / down arrows

  • Use R to reset controller positions

  • Q for Grip buttons

  • Use I K J L, to move the touchpad axis

  • Use C and V to move the controllers up and down

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VR Test

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