• A Server can be created at anytime to have other players join playing or editing a creation.

  • On Disconnecting from a server you can continue to play the creation you were in.

  • Modbox comes with different 'Network Modes' to start a server. Starting a server with 'Steam Networking' can only connect to Steam players, while 'Photon Networking' can connect cross platform to AR and mobile players. 'LAN Lidgren' Networking can be used for playing on the same local network (without needing Steam accounts).

Server Settings and Permissions

You can set the 'Default Role' for players when they join your server, which sets what they can do on the server. The role options are:

  • Admin: Can set the Creation, switch the world between edit/play, restart game, enable mods, kick other players, and set roles.
  • Can Edit: Can switch their player state to Edit mode, and edit anything in the creation.
  • Can Play: Can only play as a Player Avatar, and can't edit the world
  • Spectate Only: Can only be in Spectate mode.

Servers can also set passwords to enter.
And depending on the Network Mode - can set options such as Voice Chat.