Current Server all connected clients are in


Mods: Enabled Server ModsMod Info Variable ListAll Server mods Enabled - - ReadOnly
Server Settings: Room CodeText VariableDefaults to - - ReadOnly
Server Settings: Public ListedBool VariableSets if this server will show in public server listings to join. Otherwise players have to enter Room Code - Defaults to True
Server Settings: Set PasswordBool Variable
Server Settings: PasswordText Variable
Server Settings: Max PlayersInt VariableDefaults to 8 - #
Server Settings: Default RoleEnum VariableSet default role for anyone joining server. Their Role sets their permissions for what they can control / play - Defaults to CanEdit
Server Settings: Network ModeNetwork Mode Variable
Server Settings: Voice ChatBool VariableDefaults to True
Server Settings: Positional Voice ChatBool VariableDefaults to True
Server Settings: Quick Roll OffBool VariableVoice audio will 'roll off' logarithmic rather than linear so only nearby users can hear
Server Settings: Switch Hosts On DisconnectBool VariableHost will switch to another player if the Host disconnects - Defaults to True
Server Settings: Sync Asset FilesBool VariableHost and clients will send Asset files to other clients for imported content (Only if they have Edit Permission to import content) - Defaults to True
Server Settings: Strict PermissionsBool VariableWill stop users from changing Entities they dont have permission to edit based on their Role - and give them a error message on trying
Server Settings: Server NameText VariableSet a name to display in Listings
Server Settings: Server DescriptionText VariableSet a description to display in Listings


State: Switch To Play Mode(Bool testmode)
State: Switch To Edit Mode()
State: Reset Playmode()
State: Switch Creation(Creation Meta Data creation, Bool playmode)
State: Switch To Lobby()
Server System: Show Message Server(Text textToShow)
Server System: User Chat(Text textToShow)
Server System: Kick Client(Client client)
Server System: Ban Client(Client client)
Server System: Change Client Role(Client client, MB Role newRole)


Clients: Is Master ClientBoolReturns True if the local system is Master Client
Clients: Local ClientClient
Clients: Master ClientClient
Clients: All ClientsClient List
Server Settings: Net Status TextText
Server Settings: Network Description TextText