• MB Prefabs can be created in Edit mode out of 1 or more Entities.
  • Prefabs are then a 'Entity Asset', and can be created like any other Entity asset. They can be placed in levels, set as the Player Avatar , or shot from guns as a projectile.
  • Prefabs made in Modbox are sometimes called 'MB Prefabs' to differentiate them from 'Unity Prefabs' made from Unity GameObjects. They have a lot of the same functionality as Unity Prefabs, but are made entirely from Modbox Entities
  • Use the 'Prefab Tool' to create prefabs ingame as a VR / Screen player. To create a Prefab in the Desktop Editor, select 1 or more entities and use the 'Create Prefab' button at the top.
  • Prefabs, like any other asset created ingame, can be saved locally or online and shared on Steam Workshop with other players.
  • Assets (such as models, materials, sounds, MBScripts) can be included in Prefabs.
  • After editing a Prefab, 'Apply Changes' can be used to save changes to the saved prefab, which will update all other versions of that prefab in the world.
  • Prefabs can include other prefabs inside them.

When a value is set by the Prefab on a Entity, a Green bar is shown beside the value. If it's different than the Prefab value the bar is yellow.

Hierarchy Mode

When in Hierarchy Mode, Entities added are automatically added inside the current Prefab. There will also be a 'Apply Changes' option after exiting Hierarchy mode.