Modbox Unity SDK Guide

ModboxSDK is a Unity Project for creating Modbox mods. It includes ways to create Modbox entities / humanoid models and other assets out of Unity Prefabs, and Environments from Unity scenes.

It can also be used as a way to debug and profile Creations (using the Unity debugger / profiler)

Installing ModboxSDK

  • The Modbox SDK is included as a zip file with the game's download on Steam. To find it: Right click on Modbox in the Steam Library and go into Properties->Local Files=>Browse
  • Extract the ModboxSDK zip to your Desktop / anywhere outside of the Steam folder. If upgrading the SDK, extract to a new folder (don't override old SDK folder)

* Use Unity version: 2019.4.18 - Can be found here:

Open the ModboxSDK folder as a Unity project (don't import it into a new/current project)


Trying out SDK

In the 'Modbox' folder, open the 'TestScene'. This is a testing blank scene for testing entities/creations. You should now be able to run the game and play Modbox in Unity.


The 'MBStartUp' game object are settings for how to run the scene - highlight over the options for tool tips. Some options:
Viewmode: To set the game to start in VR, desktop, or VR Test, and AR options. See Testing  for the VR Testing controls

Playing SDK - Asset Bundles

You can still load Modbox mods with the ModboxSDK - you just need to set the path to your Modbox mod directory to load the default mods that come with Modbox. Use the 'Modbox/SDK Settings' menu to set the right path.

By default mods will be loaded as 'Simulated' from the assets folder. Their prefabs are loaded directly - so changes that are made are made instantly.
You can turn this off and have the ModboxSDK load built mods first - with the 'Build Mods First' option in MBStartUp