Modbox is a multiplayer game-building sandbox for PC / VR / AR. Currently in private alpha.


Modbox Unity SDK Guide

ModboxSDK is a Unity Project for creating Modbox mods. It includes ways to create Modbox entities / humanoid models and other assets out of Unity Prefabs, and Environments from Unity scenes.


ModboxSDK is currently in private alpha. Let us in our Discord Community if you would want to preview it

Installing ModboxSDK

Under the 'Tools' section of your Steam apps there will be a ModboxSDK app. Running it will open the Unity project folder.

See the Readme.txt for information on Unity version requirements. You might not need to stay on the same exact version (using 2019.1f2 if the ModboxSDK is built in 2019.1.f5 is fine, though it might cause problems) - but definitely the same version number (using 2019.1 and Modbox is built in 2019.2 won't be fine). Open the ModboxSDK folder in Unity.

In the Scenes folder, open the 'TestScene'. This is a testing blank scene for testing entities/creations. You should now be able to run the game and play Modbox in Unity.


The 'MBStartUp' game object are settings for how to run the scene - highlight over the options for tool tips. Some options:
Viewmode: To set the game to start in VR, desktop, or VR Test, and AR options. See Testing  for the VR Testing controls

Playing SDK - Asset Bundles

You can still load and run all normal Modbox mods and creations with the ModboxSDK - you just need to set the path to your Modbox mod directory to load the default mods that come with Modbox. Use the 'Modbox/SDK Settings' menu to set the right path.

By default mods will be loaded as 'Simulated' from the assets folder. Their prefabs are loaded directly - so changes that are made are made instantly.
You can turn this off and have the ModboxSDK load built mods first - with the 'Build Mods First' option in MBStartUp

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Modbox Unity SDK Guide

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