• On MagicLeap World
  • Modbox on MagicLeap is the Mixed Reality version of Modbox
  • Two controllers can be used at once. Otherwise Hand Tracking is used on the hand without a controller - allowing for play mode grabbing of entities and entity parts


Online support for Modbox on MagicLeap is currently disabled

It will be enabled in a future release. Along with support for LAN networking.

Sharing Creations online will also come in a future update


Use the Radial Menu to select a Tool. To scale and edit a Entity, select it, then use the Radial Menu to select 'Scale' or 'Edit'


Hand tracking is used on the other hand if only one controller is used, to allow for grabbing Entities in play mode


  • Use the Touchpad to bring up the Radial Menu. Press the Touchpad in to select.
  • Use Trigger for interacting with the UI, and grabbing Entities in the world.
  • Menu button will open up the Menu UI, to switch between Edit and Play modes and select Creations