Local Settings


Audio: Microphone DeviceText Options Variable
Audio: Push To TalkBool VariableVoice Chat will only be Enabled when 'Mic' Button is Pressed down by the main user
Audio: Voice Chat OnBool VariableDefaults to True
Audio: Mic Is On ImageBool VariableA 'Mic On' Image will show in the top left of the screen when voice chat is on / recording audio - Defaults to True
Audio: Local Lip SyncBool VariableEnable local Main User lip sync
Audio: Master VolumeNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
Audio: Music VolumeNumber VariableDefaults to 0.75 - x
Audio: Voice VolumeNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
Audio: Lobby MusicBool VariableDefaults to True
Editor: Angle Snap ToNumber VariableDefaults to 90 - degrees
Editor: Snap To GridBool Variable
Editor: Grid SnapNumber VariableDefaults to 0.05 - m
Editor: Scale From CenterBool VariableAlways scale from Center rather than on one side
Editor: Gizmo Global SpaceBool Variable
Editor: Show Connecting As TransparentBool VariableDefaults to True
Editor: Show Selected As TransparentBool VariableDefaults to True
Editor: Rotate From PivotBool VariableRotate from the Pivot point rather than center of selection
Editor: Auto Entity PlaymodeBool VariableWhen in World Play mode Entities will auto turn on play mode on deselecting - Defaults to True
Editor: Autoscale To VR SizeBool VariableResize new Entities to fit current VR size, depending on the Entity type - Defaults to True
Editor: Angle On PlacingBool VariableDefaults to True
Graphics: Show FPS CounterBool Variable
Graphics: Show Performance WarningsBool VariableDefaults to True
Graphics: Full ScreenBool Variable
Graphics: Screen ResolutionText Options Variable
Graphics: Quality LevelInt VariableDefaults to 5
Graphics: Quality DisplayText Variable
Graphics: Post Processing EffectsBool VariableDefaults to True
Graphics: Anti AlaisingEnum Variable
Graphics: Shadow ResolutionEnum Variable
Graphics: VSync CountEnum Variable
Graphics: Texture QualityEnum Variable
Graphics: Set Target FramerateBool Variable
Graphics: Target FramerateInt VariableDefaults to 90 - fps
Graphics: VR Render ScaleNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
UI: Scale UINumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
UI: Hide All MessagesBool VariableDont show any messages on screen
UI: Message Display TimeNumber VariableSet how long messages should show on the screen - Defaults to 5 - s
UI: Disable HUDsBool VariableDisables adding Player HUDs, and interact/pickup UI
VR: Play LocomotionLocomotion Variable
VR: Edit LocomotionLocomotion Variable
VR: Show VR AvatarBool VariableShow your avatar body while in VR/AR play mode - Defaults to True
VR: Hide Hands When Showing AvatarBool VariableDefaults to True
VR: Radial Select On Let GoBool VariableWill select from radial menu on letting go rather than needing to click
VR: Radial DelayBool VariableWill delay closing the radial menu (good if Controller Touchpad is having sensitivity issues)
VR: Show Jump Option In RadialBool VariableWill show 'Jump' option in radial menu when playing
VR: Hide Controller HintsBool VariableWont show labels on VR controller buttons
VR: Drop Toy On Grab ReleaseBool VariableDrop Toys on releasing Grab button. Grab Button not set for some VR controllers. - Defaults to True
VR: Always Show ControllerBool VariableDefaults to True
VR: Vignette On Camera MovementBool VariableDefaults to True
VR: Vignette AmountNumber VariableDefaults to 0.5
VR: Seated ModeBool VariableMove the VR view up to have your avatar appear standing while seated
VR: Seated HeightNumber VariableDefaults to 0.5 - m
VR: Always Show VR View On ScreenBool VariableSet to keep VR view on screen even with local screen users
VR: Hide Screen ButtonsBool Variable
VR: Default To Oculus VRBool VariableFor switching to VR use the Oculus SDK
VR: Height from groundNumber Variablem
VR: ScaleNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
Input: Show Controls On ScreenBool VariableDefaults to True
Input: Show System CursorBool Variable
Input: Main User Use GamepadBool Variable
Input: Inverted Y LookBool Variable
Input: Inverted X LookBool Variable
Input: Look Speed MouseNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
Input: Look Speed GamepadNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
Input: Move Camera SpeedNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
Input: Radial Select On Let GoBool VariableWill select from radial menu on letting go of radial button, rather than needing to hit Select
Input: First Person FOVNumber VariableDefaults to 90 - degrees
Input: Camera FOVNumber VariableDefaults to 60 - degrees
Input: Gamepad Cursor SpeedNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
Input: Hide CrosshairBool Variable
Misc: Display ErrorsBool VariableEngine errors will show as 'Error Occured' on screen - Defaults to True
Misc: Developer ModeBool VariableShows some options that are in development and normally hidden
Misc: Log ModeEnum VariableSet what should be saved and displayed in logs
Misc: Combine Same LogsBool VariableLogs with same message will combine - Defaults to True
Misc: Enabled Local ModsMod Variable ListAll mods enabled locally - - ReadOnly
VR: Move SpeedNumber VariableDefaults to 5 - m/s
VR: Move Speed EditmodeNumber VariableDefaults to 5 - m/s
VR: Fly ModeBool Variable
VR: Zero GravityBool Variable
VR: Air ControlNumber VariableDefaults to 0.25
VR: Run SpeedNumber VariableDefaults to 6 - m/s
VR: Walk SpeedNumber VariableDefaults to 4 - m/s
VR: Right Hand MoveBool VariableHave the Right Hand Move, Left Hand Rotate
VR: Controller DirectionBool VariableMove based on Controller direction, otherwise will be based on Head
VR: Rotate AmountNumber VariableHow much to Rotate when using Snap Rotation - Defaults to 30 - degrees
VR: Smooth RotateBool VariableRotate smoothy rather than Snap turns
VR: Smooth Rotate SpeedNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
Voice Commands: Use Editor Voice CommandsBool VariableAdds Voice commands to control the editor, and switch between edit/play/paused
Voice Commands: Voice Commands EnabledBool VariableDefaults to True
Voice Commands: Play Activated SoundBool VariableDefaults to True


VR: Set Appearance
VR: Set Height
Input: Set Controls(MB Widget Button)
Misc: Select Local Mods(MB Widget Button)


UI: UI Screen Canvas No UserUI Screen CanvasScreen Canvas created for Screen not in a user. Will be not set for Viewmodes with no screens (Mobile VR / AR)
VR: Cant Use Locomotion TextText
VR: Locomotion Set ByText
VR: HeightNumber
Voice Commands: Editor CommandsText
Voice Commands: Not Supported TextText