Modbox is a multiplayer game-building sandbox for PC / VR / AR. Currently in private alpha.

  • Open the 'Assets' screen in Creation Settings to see all the assets included in mods.
  • Assets can include Entity types, models, sound effects - and editor tools / other options.
  • Some assets from mods can be cloned and then new properties set on them - such as Materials, Projectiles, Effects. Or 'Create New' can be used to create new blank versions of them.
  • Created assets can be saved locally or online. When saved they will also include any assets that they use.

Importing Assets

  • "Import" button can be used to import new assets such as sounds / models / textures for materials.
  • Can also drag and drop files into the Modbox window

Asset Types

  • EntitiesEntities - Entities are game objects placed by the players in a Modbox world.
  • Models
  • Humanoid Models
  • Effects
  • Projectiles
  • AudioClip
  • Environments
  • Physics Materials
  • Physics Sound Type AssetPhysics Sound Type Asset - When a collision happens (between two entities, or an entity and the ground), Modbox will check both the entities 'Physics Sound Types' (set in either the Entities 'Modbox Physics Material', or set custom in the Entity script itself) to find what collision impact sounds to play.
  • Desktop WindowDesktop Window - Desktop Windows are select in the Desktop Editor for the right and left sidebar. The Right sidebar Desktop Window sets the main action and screen buttons / keyboard shortcuts.
  • Tools
  • Skies
  • PostFX
  • Fonts
  • Network ModeNetwork Mode - Modbox comes with different 'Network Modes' to start a server. Starting a server with 'Steam Networking' can only connect to Steam players, while 'Photon Networking' can connect cross platform to AR and mobile players.
  • ViewModeViewMode - Each Modbox client has a ViewMode asset set, that sets they main way they are viewing the game. It sets which Camera gameobject to use, and other options. The default on PC is 'Desktop'. 'SteamVR' and 'VRTest' are other view modes. Usually each platform (such as MagicLeap / ARKit) would also have their own ViewMode.

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