UI Canvas
Canvas where UI entities can be placed under

ID: EntUICanvas
Required By: GameOverScreen, YouDiedScreen
Base Type: Entity Component


On UserEntity Component VariableThe User this Canvas is on if this is on a player Screen / Tool - - ReadOnly
On Player AvatarEntity Component VariableThe Avatar this Canvas is on if this is on a player Screen / Tool. Will update to the User's current avatar if on a User - - ReadOnly
Screen OverlayBool VariableCanvas will overlay over the screen for all users. Will not show in VR/AR headset (Create a Prefab and set that as the HUD in Creation Settings for that)
Canvas SizeVector2 Variable
Show BorderBool VariableDefaults to True
Show BackgroundBool VariableDefaults to True
InteractableBool VariableAllows users to interact with UI when in the world - Defaults to True
Background ColorColor Variable
Test With Avatar In WorldBool VariableSet this Canvas's PlayerAvatar to the first PlayerAvatar thats in the world as if this Cavnas was it's UI HUD


On UI Screen CanvasUI Screen CanvasThe UI Screen canvas this canvas this is on if part of a UI Screen
Canvas ModeUI Canvas ModeThe current state of the canvas - if it's in the World / In a Menu / Screen