Movement AI
Controls AI movement. Has a 'Target' variable that sets where AI should look, and a 'MoveGoal' for where to move to

ID: EntMovementAI
Requires Components: Movement
Required By: Flying Juke, Movement AI Pathfinding
Base Type: Entity Component


EnabledBool VariableDefaults to True
TargetEntity VariableThe current Target this AI is looking at
Move Goal World PositionVector3 VariableSpot in the world to move to, overridden by MoveGoalEntity
Move Goal EntityEntity VariableEntity to Move to, overrides MoveGoalToPosition
Move Goal RangeRange VariableRange to move into from move goal - m
Has Move GoalBool Variable - ReadOnly
Is Within Move Goal RangeBool Variable - ReadOnly
Pathfinding EnabledBool VariableWill add Pathfinding component if needed by Movement controller - Defaults to True


Clear Target And Move Goal
Set Target And Move Goal(Entity, Range)


Move Goal Current PositionVector3
Move Goal DistanceNumber
Target PositionVector3
Target DistanceNumber
Target Is BlockedBool
Target Is Blocked By StaticBool
Movement ControllerMovement AI Controller InterfaceThe current Component controlling the Movement
Path DirectionVector3Current direction to Move Goal or next Pathfinding point


Move Goal First Reached()Called on first reaching a new Move Goal