Hover Movement
Allows an entity to move by hovering along the ground.

ID: EntHoverMovement
Requires Components: Movement
Base Type: Entity Component


EnabledBool VariableDefaults to True
Hover Only On MovementBool Variable
Height From GroundNumber Variablem
Max SpeedNumber Variablem/s
Move SpeedNumber Variablem/s
Air DragNumber Variablex
Hover ForceNumber VariableForce applied to Hover above ground - force applied based on height above ground - Defaults to 30 - x
Hover DampingNumber VariableDefaults to 2 - x
Ground Check RadiusNumber Variablem
Set OrientationEnum Variable
On GroundBool VariableTrue if currently hovering on a ground - - ReadOnly
Turn SpeedNumber VariableDefaults to 1 - x
Turn PitchBool Variable