Fires a Projectile

ID: EntGun
Required By: Gun Animation On Fire, Gun Chargable, Gun Charge With Pullable Part, Gun Cycle Shot Position, Gun Loadable, Gun Shell Position, Gun Shoot On Releasing Pullable Part, Gun Shoot On Trigger, Minigun Shoot With Rotatable Part
Base Type: Entity Component


ProjectileProjectile VariableProjectile asset that will be fired
Shot PositionTransform Part VariableTransform to fire projectile from
Take AmmoBool VariableIf firing should require Ammo from a Ammo Container
Next ShotPlay Time VariableTime till next shot, set by projectile asset refire time - - ReadOnly
Using Ammo ContainerEntity Component VariableThe AmmoContainer this Gun is using. Based on if it uses Ammo and it's Projectile - will find any AmmoContainer on the Entity/Body - - ReadOnly


Shoot With Charge
Shoot With Charge At(Number charge, Vector3 worldPosition, Vector3 worldRotation)Shoot Projectile at a specific position/angle


Gun Shot()On Projectile fired
On Projectile Hit(Projectile Hit Info info)Called when a projectile from this gun hit something
Next Shot Lapsed()Called when Next Shot time Lapses