Renders a camera view, which can then be hooked up to a screen

ID: EntCamera
Required By: Camera Post FX
Base Type: Entity Component


Camera OnBool VariableDefaults to True
Draw To ScreenBool VariableIf true the camera will display on the screen, displaying on top of the user's camera.
Viewport PositionVector2 VariableThe origin position of the camera display on screen. These values represent a percentage of the screen where(0, 0) is the bottom left, and(1, 1) is the top right. Note that the camera's origin will always be in the bottom left of the viewport, so setting the viewport's x or y value to 1 will cause it to display offscreen.
Viewport SizeVector2 VariableThe size of the camera display on the screen. These values represent the percentage of the screen that is covered, so for example a value of (0.3, 0.5) would cover 30% of the screen's width and 50% of the screen's height.
FPSEnum VariableThe camera's Frames Per-Second. - Defaults to _30
FOVNumber VariableThe camera's Field of View. - Defaults to 60 - degrees
ResolutionVector2 Variable
Hide Side ScreenBool VariableHides the 'SideScreen' part of the model if this was on a Entity with a camera model


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