Editing Entities

  • Entity properties can be set with the Edit Tool, or the 'Edit Entity' desktop window.
  • Entities are made of Entity Components . There is always a 'Main' component which sets properties like the Entity name / if it's disabled, and a 'Transform' component which sets where it is in the world and what it's connected to.
  • Entity Components can be added to entities - which will also add of that components required components. Components are created with either MBScript, or C# programming.
  • Prefabs can be created made from 1 or more entities. Prefabs can then be used just like other Entity assets.


Depending on the Entity type it might Autoconnect to other Entities. This can be turned off/on on the Entity.
If a Entity has a 'Physics' component it will have physics in play mode and a single physics body with anything it is connected to (including connected Entities without Physics component).
Physics is done by connections rather than a Hierarchy (which is the usual ways physics are done in other games).

Edit mode Physics

Physics can be turned on for Entities in edit mode to have them collide with the environment / other entities when placing.
Gravity can also be turned on to have them fall to the ground (good for realistic placing of props).