Desktop Editor

  • When on PC and using a Mouse+Keyboard, the player will default to using the Desktop Editor in Edit mode.
  • The interface for the Desktop Editor is similar to other level editors and programs like Unity - with Right Click to rotate the camera and Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Clicking a Entity will bring up the Editor Gizmo options, allowing for moving / rotating / scaling.
  • The left side bar is the main Desktop Window which sets the current actions and button options. Desktop Windows include the Edit window for editing Entity properties, World Settings for setting world properties, Wiring, Material Painting, Color Painting, Voxel Editing.
  • Right side bar is closed by default - but can be opened to view Hierarchy / Logs, or any Desktop Window.

The right side can be opened for additional options. Including seeing the Hieachry of the level - or game/error logs, and other options.