Creating Other Assets

Unity Scenes to Environment Assets

Humanoid Models - Create Humanoid Model from Unity Humanoid models

Materials Assets - A Material asset sets the Unity Material to the game object's mesh renderers - and also sets the ModboxPhysicsMaterial. Use  'Create Modbox Material' to create one after selecting a Unity Material in the project view. Use 'Auto Create Icons' option in MBEngine to create the icon for the material ingame.

New Prefabs

For creating new Big UI Screens, Ent Modifiers, Desktop Windows, VR Tools - the easiest way is to duplicate a existing prefab of that type (some found in Resources/Mods/Main/') then move that prefab to your mods directory. You then need to create a 'Asset' that points to this prefab, which can be done by right clicking and selecting 'Create Asset For Mod Prefab'

Audio Clip

Audio Clip assets can be selected in Modbox to add as sound effects / music ingame. Right click on a AudioClip file and select 'Create Modbox Audio Clip'

Physics Material

Use  'Create Modbox Physics Material' to create one after selecting a Unity Physics Material in the project view. A 'Modbox Physics Material' sets the physics material for a material, or entity, and has settings for sound / break force.


'Create Modbox Font' when selecting a font asset in the project view.