Creating Components

  • Add a new class that inherits from ComponentEntity - and it will show as a add option ingame

  • Entity Components are Unity MonoBehaviors, so Awake / Start / Update / FixedUpdate can all be used

  • If using Awake, it needs to be overridden and and base.Awake() called- since the base component's Awake method needs to run

There are a few Modbox specific virtual methods that can be used:

  • AfterAddedToWorld - Called after the Entity was added to World and Awake is called
  • RefreshComponents - Called after added to world and whenever components are changed on the Entity. This is where any components should be set.
  • SavedDataLoaded - Called after the Entity loads it's data, if it's saved in the world
  • RefreshValuesBefore - If the component has values that can be changed by other components, it should 'refresh' them and clear them.
  • RefreshValuesAfter - Where a component should change other components values (that got cleared in RefreshValuesBefore)
  • OnPlaymodeStarted - Called on starting play mode but before Physics body created
  • OnPlaymodeAfter - Called after physics body created and play mode started

Use 'GetComponentEntity' rather than 'GetComponent' - since components can also be added to the Entity by child gameobjects in some cases (like if the entity has a Humanoid Models with Components)

[MBDescription("Draws a Line to show the Spring Joint.")]
    public class EntSpringJointLine : ComponentEntity
        public BoolVariable Enabled { get; private set; }

        public ColorVariable Color { get; private set; }
  • Use 'MBTypeRequireComponents' - not Unity's 'RequireComponent', to set what other components are required for the component type

  • MBTypeComponentEnabledInEditmode is used so that the Update/Start methods are run in edit mode. By default Entity components are disabled in edit mode.