Modbox is a multiplayer game-building sandbox for PC / VR / AR. Currently in private alpha.


C# Compiler


The C# Mod is currently in Preview, and only available to select Creators

It will be released along with the C# source to the Core Modbox mods in the coming months.

  • The C# Compiler mod allows for creating C# components at Runtime. Which can include new Entity Components, world settings, editor tools, new asset types and import options - or any functionality that a mod can include.

  • VisualStudio or any C# editor can be used. Compiling is done while playing, and any changes / types are reloaded.

  • Some Namespaces (such as System.IO) are restricted from use for Creation C# code.

  • C# Projects are included in creations as AssetAsset - A Asset can be a Entity / Model / Sound, anything included in a Creation / Mod.s, and can be included in Prefabs to share online

  • The Project 'ModboxCore' is included in the VisualStudio project (the source for the Core Modbox mod, with all the editor tools / main components).

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C# Compiler

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