Physics Material
Physics Material Asset sets a Entity physics properties - including it's mass, it's Physics Sound Type, and on damage/collision effects

ID: AssetPhysicsMaterial
Base Type: Mod Asset


DensityNumber VariableMass of entities will be their volume X density - kg/m3
Physics Sound TypePhysics Sound Type Variable
Break On DamageNumber Variablehp
Break On Impact SpeedNumber Variablem/s
Break EffectEffect VariableEffect done on Entity breaking, or a big broken piece breaking
Damage EffectEffect VariableEffect when damage is done - from HitDamage entity / projectile / hitscan
Static FrictionNumber VariableThe friction used when an object is laying still on a surface - x
Dynamic FrictionNumber VariableThe friction used when already moving. - x
Friction CombineEnum VariableHow the friction of two colliding objects is combined
BouncinessNumber Variable0 will not bounce - 1 will bounce with zero loss of energy - x
Bounciness CombineEnum VariableHow the bounciness of two colliding objects is combined