Adding to UI

  • For Variables on MBSingleton - use MBUICategory and MBUIGroup to set what category the variable should show in in the UI.

Attributes can be used to set how the widget should show

[MBValueSlider(WholeNumbers: true, HideEditNumpad: true)]
public FloatVariable QualityLevel { get; private set; }

Register UI Buttons

Separate from the MBVariable system is a way to register UI buttons with the settings systems. This is a way to include buttons in the various Settings windows. A icon can be set, SetVisible can be used to set when it should be shown, and 'OnClick' for when it is clicked.

RegisteredUIButton BuildNewButton = new RegisteredUIButton("Build New", this, ButtonIcons.Instance.BuildNew);
SettingsVars.RegisterUIButton(BuildNewButton, "MainMenu");
BuildNewButton.SetVisible = () =>
     return !Engine.Instance.InOnlineRoom;
BuildNewButton.OnClicked = () =>